BeDaBlanco's Brave Beyla




Beyla is the new addition to the family.

She is from our B-litter. It was not really the plan that we want to keep one of our own breeding this time.But when the perfect little girl suddenly is there, then we must keep her :)

Beyla is just like our other dogs being trained in DCH Aars,where she will learn the basics of obedience. And in late 2010 she was up for a puppy competition organized for all puppies teams in DCH Aars, where she performed with flying colors.

Beyla is a happy, loving and gentle little girl. Who loves her mother (me) all over the globe :)

Beyla is on an opposite surface of my two other dogs, as she seems a little more cautious, gentle and timid.
But those who know Beyla by hiding a brash, brave and stubborn little diva who perfectly knows what she wants and how she will achieve it :)

Beyla is a real little beauty, she has beautiful dark eyes, super pigmented with dark nails and her hair is snow-white and very smooth.

Exactly as we want the White Swiss Herd should look like :)



Beyla's information:


Pedigree Name: BeDaBlanco's Brave Beyla
Pedigree No:    
Date of Birth:     24-05-10
Height:              60 cm
Weight approx.  32 kg
HD / ED:           AA/00

MDR1:              +/+

DM:                  N/DM